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Here you will find the stuff that I like.  Links, pictures, quotes, etc.  If you don't like my choices, to bad, this is my area! 

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My Favorite Quotes

Quitting comes naturally; perseverance often demands immense faith and courage.
                Hal Donaldson - Pentecostal Evangel - August 2003

My Favorite Family Quotes

I would rather be in God's will doing something I don't want to do, than be out of God's will doing something I want to do.
                Henk DeGraaf  2003

Stop talking about me!!!
                Lizzy DeGraaf - Always...

Huh? What? Where? (from the back of the van with headphones on)
                Stevie DeGraaf - Always...

Don't laugh at me!!!
                Juliana DeGraaf - Always...

The Links I am most likely to use:

Royal Ranger Links: Other Cool Links:

National Headquarters

Northern California / Nevada District

North Capitol Section Royal Rangers Site (coming soon!)

Outpost 249 (No RR Page!!!)

Outpost 301

Outpost 96

Ranger DJ

Ranger Pictures:

Winter Camp





Don't get the paper? Comics!



PC World Magazine

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Fox News

New York Times

USA Today