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This website is for the family of Geert and Dix (Barendina) DeGraaf (de Graaf).  

Geert and Dix and Peter DeGraaf came to America from The Netherlands in December 1957.  Geert's dad's name was Hendrick DeGraaf and his mom was Jantje Baker.  Dix's dad was Jan Wolf and her mom is Tjertke Schouton.  Oma Wolf turned 100 in July this year (2003)!  Dix grew up in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and Geert grew up in Oosterzee, Friesland.

Geert was the youngest of 5.  The kids go in this order:  Grace (Griet), Ida, Foppa, Ank, and Geert.

Foppe died as a prisoner at the end of WW2, Ank died ..., and Geert died in October of 2001.  Click here to read a tribute to Dad (Geert). 

Dix is a middle child of 6.  The kids go in this order:  Jan, Bep, Dix, Puk (Tjerke), Ineke, and Willem.

Puk died ..., 2003.

Geert and Dix have 5 kids, Peter John, Thea (Theadora) Eleanor, Jannette Monique, Henk (Henry) Frank, and Anita Christina.  Peter got his middle name when he became a US Citizen at the age of 6, The judge noticed that Peter did not have a middle name, so he asked Peter (sitting on the Judges lap) if he wanted a middle name.  Peter chose John.  His best friend was John Peter, and his Opa was Jan. 

Peter is married to Karen Olson and they have 4 kids, Simeon, Caleb, Titus, and Anneke.

Thea is married to Art Rudesal and they have 4 kids, Dan, Matt, Galen and Emmett.

Jannette lives with Dix.

Henk is married to Ana Langtry and they have 3 kids, Elizabeth, Stephen and Juliana.

Anita is married to David Jackson and they have 2 kids, Samantha and Christopher.



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